As a group, we were born at the end of 2005 and were fascinated by “tiflo-informatica” blind computer science, the set of assistive technologies that allow the blind and visually impaired to operate a pc.

Our aim is to provide “person-centered” assistance, beyond a merely commercial logic.

And, since we strongly believe in the centrality of each and every person, we are committed to find the most viable solutions together with our friends / customers, to optimize choices and customize the selected IT products to the greatest possible extent.


Daniele Violini

Systems engineer (MCSE), since 2006 he has been involved in tiphlo-computer science; he attended a 500-hour master’s degree in typhlotechnology at the Institute for the Blind in Milan; teacher in computer science courses for the visually impaired at the Varese branch of UICI – the Italian Organization of the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Fabio Violini

Graduating in chemistry, expert and passionate about all technological innovations, he is the person in charge of telephone and remote assistance to our friends / customers, he takes care of logistics and orders.

Dario Bianzani

Blind; a lifelong occupation as switchboard operator, he has been teaching computer science to the blind since 1999. He has been a lecturer on courses organized all over Italy, both for groups and individuals. He is in possession of the I.Ri.For certification, that qualifies him to teach computer science to the visually impaired and has a good knowledge of assistive technologies.

Egidio Carantini

Graduated in computer science in 1986, he was employed in the computer sector until 1992; since then he has been employed as a switchboard operator at a hospital. Since 2000 he has been constantly involved in courses and training of blind people in the IT field; qualification to teach I.Ri.For. of the Italian Organization of the Blind and Visually Impaired.

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