Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of information technology and auxiliary technologies, we are able to provide training courses of various levels and addresses, with particular attention in the field of technological devices, hardware and software, dedicated to the world of visual impairment.

  • Intermediate and advanced level start-up courses on the use of personal computers in a windows environment, with particular attention to auxiliary technologies, hardware and software, which can be used (Screen Reader, Braille Display, Magnification Software, etc.).
  • Courses for the use of Apple MacOS X, with particular attention to auxiliary technologies and specifically to the use of the computer through the VoiceOver screen reader integrated into the operating system.
  • Courses for the use of specific products and / or programs:
    • Apple iPhone via VoiceOver
    • PC Speaky Facile
    • Reading machines: ReadEasy Evolve – ReadIt Air – ReadIt Scholar – ReadIt
    • Acquisition of texts with scanner
    • OCR Software: Abbyy Finereader – ReadIt Software
    • Magnifying software: Zoomtext, Windows Magnifier
    • Screen Reader Software: JAWS, NVDA
    • Office package: Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.
  • IT security courses: pc, antivirus, networks.

IT assistance

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of information technology and our specialized staff, we are able to provide IT assistance both for private / consumer customers and for companies, remotely or “in situ” depending on the specific needs and requests received.

  • Formatting and restoring the operating system
  • Virus, rootkit and malware removal
  • Hardware upgrade and replacement
  • Data recovery from damaged media
  • Data and program transfer
  • Home and remote assistance via internet
  • PC performance improvement
  • Creation and configuration of local networks
  • Support for Windows, Ubuntu and Mac systems

Acquisition of slides and negative films

Do you want to make your b / w or color negatives “immortal”?
What about your best slides? Secure your photographic memories and digitally transfer the photos, slides and negatives of your photos: they will thus be kept forever and always usable on “smartphones”, “tablets” and PCs. We de “ the spider’s web”We have been carrying out – for years – digital archiving of images; we specialize in the acquisition of images from films (black-white, color negatives, slides) in the 135, 120 and 220 formats. Our technological equipment includes planetary, flat, transparency and film scanners. The specific programs for films allow us to remove the imperfections present on the films – dust, scratches, excessive “grain” – and all without altering the image, which will be a faithful reproduction of the original. The treatment of films and slides takes place in an “anti-dust chamber”; handling with “white gloves” and anti-static cloths guarantees strict compliance with the integrity of the originals. Don’t risk losing your most suggestive images: it’s a short step from film to your PC.

We show you normal scanning and infrared scanning for dust and scratch removal.

Book digitization

For some years now, our company has been dealing with the digitization of books, in particular school textbooks of all kinds, obviously adapted for reading by blind or visually impaired people. This involves precision and highly specialized work. We are able to produce books considered by end users to be of excellent quality and fruition, but what we consider our real “flagship” is the completely accessible digitization of texts in ancient Greek. We are available to everyone, private individuals, public and private bodies, institutions etc. Ask for a quote.

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