Kapsys Smartvision 2

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Based on the experience gained with the first version of Smartvision, Kapsys has created this new smartphone with great potential, equipped with advanced accessibility features and an ergonomic design that makes it particularly easy to use.

The implementation of the latest version of the Android 6.0 operating system, together with accurate software development, has made it possible to produce a smartphone equipped with both a touch screen and a keyboard that is compatible with all applications on the PlayStore.

Compared with the previous version, The voice command function is more flexible and allows you to perform more operations using only your voice. A powerful processor, 4G connectivity and large internal memory ensure smooth operation as well as the ability to install many more applications than the previous model. The great possibility of customization makes it suitable both for users who are approaching the world of smartphones for the first time, and for those who are familiar with this kind of systems, but who appreciate the comfort and ease of use guaranteed by the integration of the physical keypad. The addition of new applications integrated into the system, such as the light detector, together with the improvements made to applications such as the color detector, makes SmartVision2 a companion that you will hardly be able to do without in your daily life.

Three different ways of use:

  • A comfortable and intuitive keyboard, with a navigation joystick, 4 function keys;
  • 2 keys dedicated to phone calls and alphanumeric keys;
  • A large 4-inch touch screen;
  •  dedicated key to use voice commands and dictation.
Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 21 cm

Base, Premium


  • Clear and powerful speech synthesizer;
  • Explore by Touch: vocalization of the elements touched on the screen;
  • More than thirty keyboard shortcuts;
  • Choice of font size;
  • Adjustable text magnification with the possibility to change size, contrast and scrolling speed;
  • Gestures to enlarge the elements on the screen;
  • Connection via Bluetooth with external keyboards and with Braille devices such as Luce Braille;
  • Compatibility with Play Store applications.


  • Communication: telephone, SMS / MMS, contacts, email, internet;
  • Daily living: recorder, calendar, alarm clock, calculator, notepad, NFC tag talking reader, SOS with geolocation;
  • Aids: color and light detector, magnifying glass;
  • Support: remote assistance;
  • Entertainment: music, camera, FM radio, web radio;
  • Premium version: O.C.R. and Kapten Satellite Navigator O.C.R. e Navigatore Satellitare Kapten.


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