Luce braille

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Braille display with 16 or 24 8-dot refreshable Braille cells and Bluetooth connectivity.

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Luce is a small and compact 16- or 24-cell braille display. Thanks to the built-in Perkins-style keyboard, it allows you to quickly take notes, read and write text, and perform simple math operations.

All the files on the device are easily transferrable anywhere, even to a computer, as they reside on a Memory Card or a USB pen drive. And if you want to use your iPhone, iPad or Nokia phone, Luce will allow you to manage all devices thanks to the Bluetooth connection.

A lightweight and portable braille display, which allows you to carry all your documents with you, but which you can also use to manage external devices, all from a single device.

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16, 24

Technical features

  • Braille display with 16 or 24 8-dot refreshable Braille cells.
  • Cursor routing to call the cursor to the desired position.
  • Internal memory not present; all data is saved on the memory card provided, or on a USB key.

MANUFACTURER: Seika – Nippon Telesoft


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