Q-Braille XL

2.950,00  VAT excluded 22%

40-character Braille display with “Perkins” keyboard and function keys for use as a PC keyboard.


QBraille XL is a 40-character Braille display with cursor routing compatible with the most popular screen readers for both computers and mobile devices. In addition to the common scroll keys next to the Braille cells and the Perkins-style keyboard, at the top there are several keys equivalent to those of a standard keyboard that allow you to manage the PC without having to constantly move your hands from the Braille display and without using many combinations. of keys. There are function keys F1-F12, Esc, Tab, LockMap, Shift, Insert, Del, Page Up / Down, Start, End, Control, Fn, Windows, Alt and arrows.

QBraille XL can be connected via USB or Bluetooth and is equipped with an SDCard slot.
Qbraille XL offers several internal functions including notepad, Daisy reader, calculator, diary and alarm clock.
Qbraille XL is the evolution of the Braille Edge.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 51 cm

Technical features

  • Braille display: 40 characters;
  • Keyboard: Perkins style and QWERTY keyboard function keys;
  • Support file formats: DOC, DOCX, BRF, TXT, RTF, PDF, DAISY;
  • Applications: Notepad, DAISY reader, Scheduler, Alarm, Calculator, Clock, Timer;
  • Memory: SD (SDHC) up to 32GB;
  • Advanced control and connectivity: Bluetooth, SD slot, USB type C, LED power indicator & Bluetooth;
  • Compatibility: JAWS, Window-Eyes, SuperNova, System Access, NVDA, Voice-Over for Mac and iOS, BrailleBack for Android, Mobile Speak, TALKS.



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