Reinecker Videomatic Veo

3.195,00  VAT excluded 22%

Video-magnifier with 22-inch full HD screen and magnification up to 100X.

Innovative technology and modern design: these are the two main features that make the Videomatic VEO a video magnifier of the highest quality and incomparable ergonomics. It is equipped with a very high definition autofocus camera for excellent images at any magnification level (from 1x to 100x), technology to minimize reflections and shadows (excellent results even on coated paper), an extremely ergonomic monitor that can be adjusted in 4 positions for maximum comfort during reading and a removable wireless control panel, easy to use and positioned in the most comfortable point for the user, such as under the monitor or beside the lectern.

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 65 cm

Technical features

  • Full HD (1080p) and 60 fps camera with Autofocus;
  • LVHD technology: high resolution and noise free image;
  • NELE technology: anti-glare and shadow reduction when writing;
  • 22” LCD monitor, swiveling and adjustable in all directions;
  • Optical and digital magnification from 1x to 100x;
  • Colors: natural color and color mode up to 5 different contrasts. You can choose the contrast colors from the menu;
  • X / Y sliding table for easier reading, electronic wipes and line markers.



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