Vocalizer per NVDA

Speech synthesizers by NUANCE for NVDA.

  • Vocalizer Standard, contains 50 good quality voices in 30 languages; the Italian voices are: Silvia, Paolo and Alice
  •  Vocalizer Expressive, contains 70 very high quality voices for over 40 languages, the Italian voices are: Luca, Paola, Alice and Federica – The installation also includes the voices Silvia and Paolo.

Please note that, in order to work, Vocalizer Expressive requires an active internet connection, as the license is checked once a month. Therefore, at least once a month the PC must connect to the network.

Upon request, We can also provide Vocalizer on a convenient USB stick, with the latest version of NVDA pre-installed.


Expressive – digital license, Expressive – licenza flash-drive UBS, Standard – digital license, Standard – UBS flash drive license


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