MountBatten Tutor

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Electromechanical dactylobraille.


The Mountbatten Brailler is the complete machine for learning Braille for children and their teachers. Careful research and development, which involved many countries around the world including Italy, led to the creation of a design suitable for both the first steps in learning Braille, high school and beyond. Mounbatten Brailler is also a flexible tool useful in the professions. Powerful software allows you to take advantage of Mountbatten for flexible teaching and to provide solutions to school needs, and it also offers an exceptional possibility of connecting to various peripherals (alpha numeric keyboard, black printers and to the computer itself). As a simple tool it can be used to develop knowledge of Braille letters and symbols. An easy erase and proofread function entices children to write down their ideas. The voice response reinforces learning and indicates which commands are being used. With the addition of MIMic, teacher supervision becomes easy and continuous. Connected to the keyboard of a PC, it allows teachers, schoolmates and the same family to write in Braille. Translation from Braille to black and vice versa are possible options. It can be used as a relief image printer to develop tactile skills. By connecting Mountbatten to a PC it is possible to send and receive messages.

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 30 cm

Plus version

It has the same functions as the Standard model with enhanced possibilities for connection to external peripherals. Ideal for students and teachers in the production and printing of braille material.
Simultaneous black to braille translation by connecting a standard keyboard.
Print in braille and in black by connecting a black printer.
Interface: 2 serial, 1 parallel, 1 PS / 2.
Memory: 400K (about 600 braille pages).
Connectivity: MIMic, pc keyboard, headphones, black printer (not included)



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