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A mechanical dactylobraille for writing in Braille.

The machine is delivered in a portable case (or backpack for the adaptive version) and is fixed on a removable rubber surface with four holes. The typewriter carriage is fixed to prevent any bumps during transport by positioning the margins in the center of the carriage.
To start using the machine, remove it together with the rubber mat from the case, place the rubber on the table and fix the finger pen on the rubber surface. The rubber surface allows you to keep the fingerprint firmly on the table while writing.
The edge lock levers are located at the top of the back of the machine. Press the right margin forward towards the keyboard and move it to the right. Move the carriage slightly to the left. After unlocking both margins, you can set the right and left margins in the correct position according to the paper size and the number of characters per line.

The dactylobraille allows you to write 34 characters per line and 25 lines per page on A4 sheets in the version with a 23.5 cm carriage, and up to 40 characters per line in the version with a 27.5 cm carriage. The bell warns 5 characters before reaching the previously set margin.
To fix the paper, turn the roller to the position where the paper fixing bar can be opened. Place the paper and lower the bar to fix it.
Roll the paper onto the roller by turning the knob towards you until there is space for writing the first line on the paper. This way of fixing the paper allows a correct movement in both directions ensuring a good quality of Braille writing.

The distance between the braille characters is 6 mm while the distance between the braille dots of the same character is 2.7 mm. The braille character is composed by simultaneously pressing the keys corresponding to the points to be raised.
For the standard dactylobraille to be used with both hands, the layout of the keys with respect to the braille dots is as follows: The long central text is the space bar. From the center to the left there are the keys for points 1.2 or 3 while from the center to the right there are the keys for points 4.5 or 6. On the left side of the keyboard is the backspace lever. By pressing this lever, the carriage moves one position to the right, thus allowing the correction and rewriting of the last character.

There are two supports on both sides of the carriage for attaching DYMO tape for producing Braille labels.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 33 × 16 × 43 cm

Adaptive 1, Adaptive 2, Standard 1, Standard 2


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