Touch Me 5

2.200,00  VAT excluded 22%

40 8-dots refreshable Braille cells display with USB and Bluetooth connectivity.


New version of the 40-cell Touch Me 5 braille display, more compact and easier to use, more powerful:

  • allows independent reading of texts, via a USB pen drive, without the need for connection to a computer.
  • thanks to its integrated Bluetooth, it can be used with iPhone and iPad, as well as all notebooks equipped with Bluetooth.
  • full compatibility with Microsoft, Apple and Linux operating systems.
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 21 × 8 × 38 cm

Technical features

  • 40 8-dot refreashable Braille cells display with cursor routing.
  • 8 navigation keys: 2 side and 6 front navigation keys.
  • Connectivity: USB port for connection to the PC, USB port for inserting pendrives for reading texts, Bluetooth.

MANUFACTURER: Nippon Telesoft


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