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ReadEasy Evolve is the maximum evolution among the reading solutions proposed by Vision Aid, an autonomous and simple to use reading spot: with the single press of a button, it is able to read any printed text (including books and large format documents.

The ReadEasy Evolve has the shape of a practical and light case, convenient and easy to carry and store, which contains all the technology developed by Vision Aid. The high-definition camera is designed to be easily stored in a convenient housing on the back of the unit, as well as the Wireless Keypad (optional accessory), easy to reach and at the same time protected during all movements. The practicality of a portable and autonomous system with the power and versatility of the Readit Software, with which to read and explore paper documents such as letters, books, bills, bank statements and much more, to gain new-found autonomy. The wide depth of field of the ReadEasy Evolve’s 5MP camera allows you to scan close to the binding of thick books, much easier than a flatbed scanner, all without having to flatten the book, risking to ruin the binding. The camera is also able to acquire documents up to A3 format, allowing you to read even the largest books, or to photograph two pages at a time in smaller ones. With the Feature Pack (optional) the ReadEasy Evolve is able to acquire the pages of a book in continuous mode, automatically recognizing when the page is turned, even while it is already reading the previous ones (“PowerRead” mode) and to save the scanned documents in its memory to be able to read them at any time. The Feature Pack also allows the export of documents in text or audio format for greater freedom of use, and to connect a monitor for reading the scanned texts in enlarged format by visually impaired users.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 29 × 23 × 33 cm

Evolve, Evolve Pro

Technical features

  • Opening and closing in seconds;
  • 5 Mpx camera;
  • Acquisition of documents up to A3 format;
  • Automatic intelligent scanning, to scan up to 20 pages per minute with flawless quality;
  • Advanced camera optics, to perfectly digitize thick books, up to 10 cm, with very curved bindings without the need to flatten them;
  • Camera can also be used in poorly lit environments, or even in total darkness, while maintaining excellent OCR accuracy;
  • Support for over 30 languages;
  • 6W speaker with adjustable volume;
  • Power supply: 220 Volt AC IN – 19 Volt and 3.4 Ampere DC OUT;
  • Scanning of multipage documents (books, magazines, etc.) – Only with Feature Pack;
  • Transfer scanned images and text to an external screen (not included) with digital magnification up to 120X – Only with Feature Pack;
  • Browsing Scanned Images – Feature Pack Only;
  • Touch monitor support – Only with Feature Pack;
  • Saving Scanned Documents to Internal Memory – Only with Feature Pack;
  • Export of scanned documents in Text (txt, doc, pdf) or Audio (Mp3) format.

Accessories included

  • High contrast mat, which indicates the maximum acquisition area;
  • Headphones with volume control, to listen to your documents in complete privacy;
  • Positioning guide for A3 documents;
  • Power supply.


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