VisionAid ReadIt KeyPad

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Control keypad for Readit Air and Scholar HD cameras.



The Readit Keypad is a dedicated control keypad, consisting of 18 unique buttons, designed to work with the Readit software. It is ideal for anyone who uses Readit software and wants to improve its ease of use and productivity by eliminating the need to use keyboard shortcuts and controlling it while working with another application.

The Readit Keypad, weighing only 185 grams, is light enough to take with you wherever you go and with a footprint of only 76 mmx 171 mm, it easily finds room even on the most cluttered desks.

Use with Readit Air and Scholar HD.

Improved Ease of Use: Although Readit’s keyboard controls are extremely simple, some users don’t want to learn other keyboard commands. The dedicated keypad allows simple and direct access to most of the functions of the Readit software.

Productivity improvement: Usually the use of the readit software involves the acquisition of documents and the insertion of data in other applications. The keypad ensures full control of the software even with the focus on another application. This means that you can acquire and begin reading (or listening) your documents while entering the data in another application (eg. Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) without having to constantly move between program windows.


Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 21 cm

Keypad functions

All the most used functions of the Readit have a dedicated button. Below is their list:

1: Switch between Document / Virtual Plan and Camera mode and vice versa.
2: Change view.
3 & 4: Increases and decreases the magnification.
5: Quick Acquisition.
6 to 9, 11 to 14: Letter, word, sentence and preceding and following paragraph.
10: Play / pause.
15 & 16: Previous and next screen.
17: Add a page to the document.
18: Acquire an image.

MANUFACTURER: Vision Aid International ltd.


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