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Speaky Facile is the first Solution for the blind and visually impaired, which allows you to access the digital world by voice without having to be an expert.

This Solution is dedicated to a blind and visually impaired user who does not use the PC today because it is still too complex and not accessible to people with vision problems and without computer skills.

Speaky Facile is equipped with an advanced interface, based on intelligent voice technology, which allows the user to talk to his digital content and services. Speaky Facile then speaks to the user and listens to the commands the user gives through a special remote control equipped with a microphone.


Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 32 × 20 × 50 cm

Easy, Easy premium

Voice services

  • Speaky Audiobook: allows you to search by voice and listen to a book among those present in the National Center for the Spoken Book of the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired;
  • Speaky Scanner OCR: allows you to scan documents and deliver their content via speech synthesis;
  • Speaky Newsstand: allows you to read the 20 main Italian newspapers;
  • Speaky Dictionary and Translator: allows you to ask and know the meaning of the terms in the Italian dictionary and translate them into the desired language from those available;
  • Speaky Television: is a complete TV and VCR system. It allows you to call up digital terrestrial channels and programs by voice to see them, listen to them and videorecord them on the computer disk;
  • Speaky Encyclopedia: Allows you to search within Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, and read the content of the pages generated by the search.
  • Speaky E-mail: Complete e-mail service. It allows you to write and send messages, read received messages and search for messages within the various mail folders;
  • Speaky Address Book: Allows you to search for contacts in the White Pages and save them in a personal address book;
  • Speaky Screen Reader – NVDA: allows you to read the contents of the screen;
  • Speaky Magnifier: allows you to magnify the screen up to sixteen times and to move around viewing portions of it;
  • Speaky WebRadio: a new application for listening to streaming radios It allows you to call up radio stations by voice and search for those of interest;
  • Speaky Youtube: a new application to search and listen to videos on youtube;
  • Technical Assistance An in-depth and specialized telephone technical assistance service will be part of the product service package, designed for the specific blind and partially sighted target.


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