VisionAid Readit Air

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Camera for magnification and reading printed texts up to A4 format, via speech synthesizer.

Optional accessories: VisionAid ReadIt KeyPad


Readit Air is a very light image acquisition system that can be connected to the PC via USB 2.0 connection.

Using the Readit Air with the Readit Software, you can instantly scan documents up to A4 size and convert them into enlarged text accessible to speech synthesis. This means that letters, statements, textbooks, novels and labels become fully accessible for people with visual impairments.

The wide depth of field of the Readit Air’s 5MP camera allows you to scan close to the binding of thick books, much easier than a flatbed scanner; moreover, there is no need to flatten the book, risking to ruin the binding. The Readit Air is capable of scanning up to 20 pages per minute (40 pages / minute for double-page scannable books), so you can scan an entire book in minutes.

These features make it an ideal product for both students and anyone who likes to read or need to scan documents. Weighing only 500 grams and 26 cm high, the Readit Air is extremely easy to transport, and is one of the smallest and lightest OCR devices currently available.

The Readit Air takes only 5 seconds to be opened and assembled, including the time to connect the USB cable and the closing operation is just as fast! In this way you will not be left behind at the end of meetings or after school, you will have to arrive early to assemble it. Thanks to the high resolution of the camera, it is possible to frame an entire A4 document, which can be enlarged up to 32 times, and explored with the mouse cursor (or with a touch screen). In this way it is no longer necessary to continuously move the sheet to see the various parts, making reading even more pleasant. The positioning guide of the Readit Air allows blind users to perfectly align documents for scanning, while the contrast pad, in addition to indicating the edges of the scanning area, improves the digitization of small objects (e.g. business cards) on dark surfaces.




Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 33 cm

Technical features

  • Opening and closing in seconds.
  • Mpx camera.
  • Acquisition of documents up to A4 format.
  • Automatic intelligent scanning, to scan up to 20 pages per minute with flawless quality.
  • Advanced camera optics, to perfectly digitize thick books, up to 0 cm, with very curved bindings without the need to flatten them.
  • Camera can also be used in poorly lit environments, or even in total darkness, while maintaining excellent OCR accuracy.
  • Digital magnification up to 32X.
  • USB cable for connection to the PC connected directly to the device. With this cable the Readit Air is powered directly by the PC and not by rechargeable batteries.

Accessories included

  • Positioning guide, to correctly align the documents to be scanned;
  • Contrast mat, which indicates the maximum acquisition area;
  • Carrying case, with a pocket for positioning guide;
  • Headphones with volume control, to listen to your documents in complete privacy;
  • 1.8-meter USB extension cable, for use with desktop computers.


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